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Manufacturers Of Carbon Fibre Car Parts For The Motorsports Industry

Carbon fibre car parts can give you a sure edge! Lightning composites have been manufacturing custom carbon fibre car parts for 16 years. They have been supplying key composite components to V8 Supercars teams such as 888 Racing and Dick Johnson Racing.

Carbon fibre has quickly increased in popularity in recent times. It not only looks great, but has many other highly desirable properties. Carbon Fibre is high flexible whilst having high tensile strength. It is also low in weight, high in resistance and non-corrosive. One of the most valuable attributes is its high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.

The Founder of lightning composites, Bruce Mooring, started in marine composites. As a result our services are not only limited to motorsports components. We can also building prototypes for a diverse range of customers, from weapon systems to transport and custom motor bikes.

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